Ambient pressure and temperature monitoring to improve testing accuracy

Basic Setup

A simple setup was developed using a micro-controller board Arduino UNO[3][4] and a breakout board with Bosch BMP180[2] sensor.

Figure 1: Connection diagram for setup
Figure 2: Mounting of setup

Results and discussions

The readings were taken from 24th January 2020 till 18th February 2020, between 11 am to 4 pm. The data obtained was then imported for processing and plotted versus the dates.

Table 1: Recorded data
Figure 3: Pressure Readings for different days
Figure 4: Pressure readings for different times on different days
Figure 5: Temperature readings
Figure 6: Temperature readings for different times during different days
Figure 7: Pressure readings vs temperature readings
Figure 8: Pressure and Temperature at different times
Figure 9: Pressure and temperature distribution over different days


A system for monitoring ambient pressure and temperature data was developed and tested. Following were the characteristics of the system and some of the observations made:

Future work and possible modifications

Further there are some modifications which can be carried out to better meet the requirements and the way the data is delivered. These include but are not limited to




Sample of raw data readings

26th January 2020



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Avik Arora

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